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For Carrier / Carrier’s Agent

① New service commencement
  1. Development of new Naha calling service or a new foreign calling port(s) insertion into the existing loop thru its service refinement
    【Exemption of wharfage incur at NICTI】
  2. Development of service calling a new foreign port(s) which any other carriers are not serving
    【Max ¥200,000 per call】(Subject to: minimum 12 calls a year)
② Ship’s upsizin
【Exemption of wharfage for her increased GRT】
③ Increase of international laden container on YoY basis
Supporting the volume increase in regardless of existing or new service
【¥500 per TEU】(Max 10% increase for existing service
Max 10% of volume for new service)
④ Inducement of transship container(s) handled within NICTI
【¥10,000 per TEU】(Max ¥1 Mil per applicant)
※Including empty
※The applicant is not limited to carriers or the agent but NVOCC
1. The above supporting program may close without a prior notice when the total subsidy amount reached the budget
2. Submission of necessary documents required for receiving subsid

For Customer / Logistic Company

① Inducement of Transship Container at NICTI
Supporting unique international container transshipment moves within NICTI
【¥50,000/TEU】(incl empty)
(Max ¥1,000,000 per applicant)
② Shifting loading/discharging port to NICTI
Supporting for shifting Okinawa local cargo from other Japan mainland port(s) to direct NICTI loading/discharging
(Max ¥500,000 per applicant)
③ New local export/import business cargo at NICTI
Supporting new business container cargo handled at NICTI
(Max ¥1,000,000 per applicant)
(Max ¥300,000 per applicant and 3RT per shipment)
1. The above supporting program may close without prior notice when the total subsidy amount reached the budget.
2. Necessary documents submission required prior to applying to respective subsidy items.
3. Submission of proven documents required for receiving subsidy.

Annual container volume (TEU)